5Litre mini-keg - Hiver, The Honey IPA (8.8 pints) 4.9%


The latest style in our range of award-winning craft beers is now available in a handy 5Litre mini-keg. 

The honey IPA is golden and toffee in colour. We use Pilgrim hops for a woody and earthy nose, Bramling cross for Bramble berry top notes and a touch of pepper. A biscuit malt character and a good body give way to a pleasant hop bitterness and a delicate honey aftertaste. For this style we ferment with Tree Ivy honey, one of the last sources of forage for bees before they semi-hibernate for Winter. This is a moreish, balanced and flavoursome IPA that works well with BBQs, mature or blue cheeses, smoked meat platters and SE Asian curries.

  • 4.9% ABV
  • 5Litre mini-keg (8.8 pints)
  • Best Before: 3 Months from date of packaging
  • use within 36 hours of opening
  • Serve Chilled and store in a cool, dark place

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