Mini-keg selection


They're back at last and a great way to get your hands on pints (yes pints!) of our range. 

The first new batch of our 5Litre mini-kegs are available to order now with our Blonde beer, our Session IPA and Fabal Lager available. Easy to carry and to chill in the fridge.

  • IPA 4.9% ABV, Blonde at 4.5% abv and Fabal Lager at 4%abv
  • 5 Litre mini-keg (8.8 pints)
  • Use within 24 hours of opening (see notes below to maintain carbonation)
  • Serve Chilled and store in a cool, dark place
  • to maintain the carbonation levels within the mini-keg, please close the valve and push the dispense tap 'back' between pours
  • *please drink responsibly

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