The Hiver at Home Hamper


To help you #stocksmall and keep Hiver flowing, we've put together this selection of our range to be enjoyed at home. With this ultimate at home hamper, you can crack open a case of cans in the garden, keep your fridge topped up with our flagship blonde and enjoy food-matching with our ale in two branded glasses. And there's even a jar of raw urban honey to be enjoyed too.

Thankyou for your ongoing support, it means a lot to this business. 

This Beer Hamper contains

  • a 12-pack of Hiver blonde cans (12 x 330ml) 4.5%
  • a 12-pack of blonde bottles (12 x 330ml) 4.5%
  • a 12-pack of honey ale bottles (12 x 330ml) 4.5%
  • a jar of urban London honey (raw)
  • two branded half pints

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