The Hiver Experience - Urban Beekeeping and Craft Beer Tasting

Join us at Bee urban to get hands on for the full Hiver Experience. Choose a date and session that suits you or drop us a line to arrange something bespoke.

The session starts with a short introduction to Bees and Beekeeping in the city, the equipment and tools commonly used by Beekeepers as well as a first glimpse inside the hive. We'll then get suited and booted ready for a Hive inspection and the chance to help Hiver's Beekeeper, Barnaby Shaw in handling the frames and checking the health of the Hive. After the fun of getting up close and personal with the 'Ladies', we'll relax over a tutored beer and food matching session before leaving you to explore the rest of Bee Urban and answer any questions. There's a small shop on site and Bee Urban is about a ten minute walk from Kennington Tube station.

Groups are of no more than twelve people per session and in the case of really wet weather, we'll focus on inspecting the exhibition hive, working with the Beekeeping tools to build frames and harvesting honey. 

We're available on or 0203 198 9972 and we'll keep adding more dates all the time so if you'd like to be the first to know about new sessions, just signup to our Newsletter list below. You must be over 18 to buy products from Hiver.

For more information on what to expect and where to find us on the day, have a look at