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Budding beekeepers and beer tasters, welcome to the New Hiver Experience 2020!

After a fantastic (sold out) 2019 season, we are pleased to offer you more dates to join us in partnership with a wonderful award-winning Sussex Winery, the Albourne Estate. The perfect artisan foodie day out.

If you would like to purchase tickets for a specific date or if you have a gift voucher to redeem then you're in the right place - please see details at the bottom of this page. If you'd like to buy a gift or e-voucher then take another look in the product list.

Your two-hour experience starts with a short introduction to Bees and Beekeeping while overlooking the South Downs and Sussex Countryside. We'll then get suited up for a hive inspection and help Hiver's Beekeeper in handling the frames and checking the health of the hive. After the fun of getting up close with the 'Ladies', we'll retreat to the winery tasting room to relax over a tutored honey beer and food matching session with a taster of Albourne Estate's incredible English wine. You are then free to explore the rest of the vineyard, onsite shop and bar and we'll be here to answer any questions you might have. The vineyard grounds include a small lake a boathouse and is part of the Sussex wine route with many pubs and sights nearby to enjoy.

We’re convinced that this Experience will show you the best of British produce and countryside and leave a lasting impression.

Under 1 hour from London (train from London Bridge to Hassocks is 54 minutes).
Albourne Estate, Shaves Wood Lane, Albourne, BN6 9DX

DURATION: 2 hours


E-tickets are not sent automatically and will be generated and sent out within 48 hours.

The Hiver at Albourne Estate experience will run most Saturdays from end of May until mid September.

Groups are of no more than twelve people per session and in the case of really wet or cold weather, we'll focus on inspecting the exhibition hive, working with the Beekeeping tools to build frames and working with the bi-products of the hive. Please note this product is only suitable for over 18's and it is not for people with a known bee allergy. There is a safety disclaimer that we ask you to sign on the day of your Experience and before taking part in the activities.

If you can not select the right amount of attendees for the session you wish to book, it means there is not enough space available, in that case, please choose an alternative date and time.

To redeem your Hiver or Not on the High Street gift voucher please enter your voucher number or code (no capital letters or '#'s) in the discount panel on the right hand side of the booking form after you have chosen your preferred date and session time.Unless you have purchased additional spaces or products in your cart, you will have nothing to pay at checkout. If your voucher is valid for two people, please ensure you book two spaces. Your e-tickets and booking information will automatically be sent to you via email. We look forward to seeing you soon!

To redeem a gift voucher from any other experience provider, these must be done by us manually but fear not, you'll be relaxing in your beekeeping suit and sipping a beer in no time! Please contact with your voucher number, PIN number (if any), voucher expiry date and top 3 preferred dates and times after checking the availability above. We will get back to you in 48 hours with a confirmed booking slot. Easy Bee-asy! 

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